Tap into your superpower!

There is no need to feel negative about yourself and your body, get frustrated by mood swings or be ashamed of your menstrual cycle. 

Instead, you use it to your benefit. You can ask yourself: what phase am I in today, what are my strengths at this time of my cycle? How can I use this information to enhance my relationships or do better in my business, or solve a problem? Maybe it’s a good time to address an issue or maybe reflect and think over it, rather than jump.

Our cycle is a gift. I know some days it may not feel like one, but most days it is.

Each phase has a little tip, it has strength and if you understand it, you can use this internal guide to make decisions that can truly enhance your health and well-being.

This course teaches you everything you need to know about what happens in your body throughout your cycle and how that impacts your everyday life.

It helps you develop appositive attitude towards your body and your emotions by finding the right answers to your body’s needs. Whether it is a certain type of food, a relaxing day on the couch or a fun night with your friends – you will see how at the right time of the month, they are just what makes you feel better.

By taking the course, you will develop a stronger self-awareness and build up your self-esteem for a life full of energy, confidence and joy.

The practical steps of charting taught in the course will ensure your new found knowledge can be implemented in your daily life.

What others are saying

This info has changed my life!


Straight after doing the Empowerment Cycle I started charting and my life is so much better ever since. The information has allowed me to really tap into my body and now I love using my menstrual cycle to achieve more in all areas of my life. Thank you Sharon for teaching me this!

It's eye opening!


What a powerful tool my body is! I have started charting with this program and after 2 months I can already start to see my patterns. I am feeling in control of my body and using it each day. Thanks Sharon this is awesome.

What you will discover

This course will teach you how to understand your menstrual cycle super powers.

  • Emerge

    Emerge in the phases of each cycle, understand where each phase sits and how it impacts our bodies.

  • Embrace

    Embrace how each phase looks like for you. Discover how to chart your cycle and why it is so individual to you.

  • Empower

    Use this information to start your charting and learn how to identify the phases for you. Then learn how to plan ahead using The Empowerment Cycle information.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the Emgoddess Workshop

    • What you are about to learn

    • Welcome to Emgoddess Workshop - The Empowerment Cycle.

    • What is The Empowerment cycle

    • Self-Esteem and Emgoddess

    • What Emgoddess is NOT

    • Why is this Information Important?

    • History of Menstruation

    • The Menstrual Cycle

    • Welcome to the Emgoddess Workshop - Downloadable files

  • 2


    • MOV_EmGoddess-Mod2-Charting_V1-1_190401

    • Why Chart?

    • How to chart

    • What to Chart

    • Downloadable Chart

    • Charting - Downloadable file

  • 3


    • Daphne

    • The story of Daphne….Phase Daphne – days 6 to 13

    • Emgoddess and Daphne

    • Daphne Cheat Sheet

    • Discover your Daphne Phase

    • Develop your Daphne

    • Develop your Daphne

    • Emgoddess DAPHNE_Downloadable file

    • Meditation for your Daphne Phase

  • 4


    • Demeter

    • The story of Demeter…Phase Demeter – days 13 to 18

    • Emgoddess and Demeter

    • Demeter Cheat Sheet

    • Discovering Demeter

    • Developing Demeter

    • Develop your Demeter Board

    • Emgoddess DEMETER downloadable file

    • Meditation for your Demeter phase

  • 5


    • Persephone

    • The story of Persephone…

    • Emgoddess and Persephone

    • Persephone Cheat Sheet

    • Discovering Persephone

    • Developing Persephone

    • Develop your Persephone Board

    • Emgoddess PERSEPHONE_downloadable file

    • Meditation for your Persephone Phase

  • 6


    • Hecate

    • The story of Hecate

    • Emgoddess and Hecate

    • Hecate Cheat Sheet

    • Discovering Hecate

    • Developing Hecate

    • Developing your Hecate Board

    • Emgoddess HECATE Downloadable

    • Meditation for Your Hecate Phase

  • 7


    • WhatWeHaveCovered?

    • So what now?

    • Planning ahead

    • Working with other women

  • 8

    Communicating with Emgoddess

    • Thank you!

    • Communicating with Emgoddess

    • Communicating with Emgoddess downloadable file

    • Submit Your Charts - 1 to 3 charts for feedback

I'm here to support you

It doesn’t matter what age you are, or how much you already know. I want you to know I am here to help you through. This information changed my life, it really did. I want you to see how powerful your body is and how, just by simply understanding it better, it can help you get to the place you want to be. Join me in The Empowerment Cycle to change the way you think about your body - period!