So, you are an athlete; you could be at the beginning of your athletic journey and want to use the benefits of your cycle to get results. Maybe you are well into your athletic grove and realise this menstrual cycle thing is not going away and would like to see how it can help you instead of hindering you. Or maybe you are a coach or administrator in your sport wanting to get the best out of your girls.

This online program is designed to show you how to get results you want by merely working WITH your body instead of AGAINST it.

Learn how to identify the 4 phases of your cycle, what to look for in training, nutrition and emotional support and then plan your training and game performances around your cycle. 

And you are not the first athlete to look at this.

Research from other sporting teams around the world, including here in Australia, shows how the menstrual cycle can impact on performance, player health and injury risk.

Time to get started and get My Sport Edge

What you get:

The course includes video and notes for each module.

PLUS you receive THREE months access to feedback. Submit three charts and receive 1 to 1 feedback about YOUR charting and how to improve your charting. 

What athletes are saying about My Sport Edge

I can't believe I am only learning this NOW!

Lisa - tennis player

Seriously, I can't believe I am 27 years old and hearing this amazing information for the first time! I have learnt so much about my body and how I can use it in the different weeks of each month. I can really see how this information can help me to get where I want to go.

It's eye opening!

Alisa - football

What a powerful tool my body is! I have started charting with this program and after 2 months I can already start to see my patterns. I am feeling in control of my body and using it each day. Thanks Sharon this is awesome.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the Sporting Cycle

    • Introduction

    • Gathering Some Important Information

    • Women's sport and Performance

    • What is Happening Around the World in Menstrual Tracking

    • The Female Athletes Triad

    • A Quick Lesson in Hormones

    • What is the MySportEdge program?

    • Mindfulness and Sport

    • Introduction to the Four Phases

    • Phase Daphne - When is it and how does it effect you?

    • What to eat in Daphne

    • Phase Demeter - When is it and how does it effect you?

    • What to eat in Demeter

    • Phase Persephone - When is it and how does it effect you?

    • What to eat in Persephone

    • Phase Hecate - When is it and how does it effect you?

    • What to eat in Hecate

    • How to Chart your Cycle

    • How to use this information

    • Submit your Chart - one chart for you to get feedback.

    • References